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                  Ecm Cummins Celect and Celect Plus

Cummins ECM Repairs Service 
It has come to our attention that Cummins engines, such as the L10, M11, and N14 with the Celect® Engine Control System, are experiencing an unusually high incidence of ECU failure. Our electronics experts have taken it upon themselves to research and develop a quality repair for these units. Ecudiesel now offers a reman service for Cummins Celect® ECU Systems at hundreds of dollars below the manufacturer's price. Depending upon the type of ECU, our prices range from $759.00 to $1,300.00 for the per unit. This is quite a savings when one considers the price of a reman from the dealer at approximately $1,750.00 to $2,300.00 per unit.
The Electronic Age is indeed here to stay, and it will be necessary to find an alternative to the factory's high prices to remain competitive. Ecudiesel has been created from a team of experts from the Automotive Electronics field. We are a unique group, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art repair and re manufacturing of equipment control electronics. Our roots go back almost twenty-five years in the Transportation Industry. Although these electronic devices are new to the Trucking Industry, they are familiar territory to the folks at Ecudiesel. We are here to serve you, the customer. We offer a one-year guarantee along with technical support, prompt service, and fast delivery. Most ECUs are returned within 24 hours of receiving the unit. We also repair many imported ECUs and have a worldwide reputation for quality and service. We are American owned and operated and proud to serve the Trucking Industry.

              Cummins Celect  3084473  

          Cummins Celect  3618046

            Cummins  Celect  3619037

                Cummins   Celect  Plus 3408300

             Cmmins Celect  Plus 3408303    

      Cummins Celect Plus  3096662

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